Dia da Terra – Earth Day

Looking online for materials for Portuguese Classes for Earth Day, which I know it’s celebrated all over the world, I found it rather difficult to locate good materials or anything I could post on our FB page, so I decided to create my own materials and have my staff help me develop some nice worksheets. I hope you enjoy this one!

Earth Day in Portuguese

Also suggest that you listen to this song, which means Earth – Terra, from Caetano Veloso


Also suggest outdoor exploration, first teach vocabulary:

Terra, dirt – earth, soil

Grass -grama

Plant – planta

Tree - Árvore

Sky - Céu

Sun- Sol

Wind – Vento

Air – Ar

My students are not proficient to discuss about Earth, so we discussed about their favorite things in the nature and things we need to preserve. The class was given in Portuguese with a lot of English help.

Hope my suggestions allow you to celebrate earth day with your child and students!

Até Breve and Feliz Dia da Terra,

Claudia Krusch